The Staff


Goldwind – Owner

That’s me! I run the show around here. I go by Goldwind, TheWalrusNet or simply Walrus. I’m from the lovely United Kingdom, but I tend to operate both in GMT and in US timezones, so if you need anything please do not hesitate to contact me around the clock via a PM on the forums (Goldwind) or by adding me on steam (TheWalrusNet.) I’m dedicated to making everyone’s experience on the server the best it can possibly be, and I firmly believe the best way to go about that is by listening to the players and accepting their input into everything we do, to make the server a creation not just borne of my own or the staff’s ideas, but of everyone who plays and enjoys themselves on it!

Forum name: Goldwind

Steam: TheWalrusNet

Characters: Goldwind, Miu, Pulsar, Lord Dain, Bohemond XXVIII, and any other character with [GW] infront of the name!

Grumbo the Mythic Jew – Moderator

Resident Grumbo and Jew here. I generally go by Caden, the name of my first character on the Frontier, but I also respond to Warlocke. I live in Ye Olde Utah, and am generally up at all hours for contact. So if you have a problem on the Frontier, I can generally help you out with it. Now, I am generally a bit of a hard-ass Admin, I get it. However it comes from a place of wanting everyone to follow the rules that are really not even that entombing so that everyone can have a good time without too much break from the RP. My role on staff is pretty general, to keep players following the rules and to mediate arguments that may pop up from time to time. Feel free to message me any time for help on just about any subject! I’m always willing to help out if I can.

Steam: Noonhawke


Characters: Caden Ardelle, Sir Wyrmerus Dragonslayer, Silverthorne, Magnus De Conquerant, Duke Elegance, King Simon Varos, Seidr Wintergrip, Yao (Heping Yu Pingheng), Mingur Kurutzkali, Warlocke T Trader, Hanna Ardelle, Vinnie “Styles” Parcheesi, Sir Deryk of the River, Dylawa Embersnarl, Lord Ebon Hammer, Russell Doyles, Amelia Kazutoju, Baishunpu Seieki, Bloodhound, Seraphim, Fireworks, And King Simon Varos

Uly – Admin

I’m not a good admin, I’m not a bad admin, I’m simply the admin. The only one left from the first batch of admins, I’ve been a mainstay and consistent part of this server for well over a year now. Starting out as just a guy who hadn’t RP’d in a long time, I quickly rose through the ranks via lying, cheating and stealing being a nice friendly person who wanted to help everyone have a fun time. Honestly, I’ve been here since the beginning, there are way too many stories to tell without clogging up this intro, but for those curious, I’m more then happy to tell tales about some of the more insane events in server history whenever you catch me in spare time.

Don’t really do much of any one thing, but I do try to serve the players directly by working with everyone who has issues with staff or other players and/or criticism and want to focus that in a constructive manner. If you have a problem with how something is done, I insist the first person you see is myself, a nice friendly moderated discussion can be had and everyone can walk away with a cool head.

Characters: Ulysses ‘Uly’ Savidoff, Nanera Savidoff, The Grapist, Redsap, Sandcaller Moxoc, Kaldr Federoff, Orion Chessylite, Mili Chessylite, Ina Dmitriev, Ryan Mastoff.

Steam: Doctor WhiskeyFish
Skype: Doctor WhiskeyFish

Also on Whatsapp if you really can’t get enough of me.

. . .and I do a bit of wrestling but you probably won’t be able to tell. /s

Reverse – Admin

Ayy! I’m Scott Fairbanks on the forums and reverse mostly everywhere else. I joined this server around summer 2015 and I am now a moderator. I have made it my mission to mediate between casual roleplayers and more serious roleplayers so that they can all co-exist peacefully on our server, and in my free time I am a beardy italian dude who tries to make videogames. I also happen to be the oldest member of this community, but age and maturity are separate things so it’s nothing to brag about, merely a random fact! Speaking of maturity, if you have any issues on the server, any questions, or anything at all to say, I’m usually available at european-friendly times, although that might change! Still, when I’m online, I’m always ready to help.

You can send me a PM on the forums, but adding me on Steam is preferred to get my attention immediately.

Forum name: Scott Fairbanks

Steam: reverse

Characters: Lady Cole, Temin Carbin, Yver, Sir Aegislann of Sand and Snow, Derek, Rjeta, Ska, Double the Hyena and some other secondary/joke characters

 Demoncyborg – Admin

Hiya! You can call me Commodore Beeps, Demoncyborg, or anything along those lines. I wanted starbound purely for this server, as a friend was telling me about it and the general idea got me excited. Now that I’m here, and staff, I’m overjoyed to help out the server. I’m available on most forms of contact, so don’t be afraid to do that! A lot of people will know me for my art, as It’s a fun hobby of mine.
On the server, I try to create fun with many visually-provoking characters, or just in general people to stir the pot with shenanigans.

Forum name: demoncyborg

Steam: Commodore Beeps

Characters: Oleander, Hecate, Saffron, Lady Gaenor, Orpheus Biliverdin, Tansie, Takhar, Knight Rivetsnap, and a lot more, oops. It’s usually not hard to tell it’s me, though!

 Aria Wiess – Moderator

Helloskis, I’m Alice, or you can just call me aria, I’ve been on the server since August of last year. And I haven’t gotten to have an experience online similar to this. I just was server hopping one day and now I’ve made so many friends and have become a moderator! I mainly spend most of my time online coding, redditing, and playing Starbound. I mainly put my moderating focus on keeping the rules and making sure people don’t power game, use Un accepted apps, etc. I’m also on the team speak if you need any help or have any problems or concerns (please, please do this if you have problems). Or you can ask me server side since I’m usually on every day. I hope I can be of help! See ya on the server!

Steam: Toroko

Skype: Yande

Forum name: Aria wiess

Characters: Aria Addison, Nevada Armstrong, Lily Wilson

Natasha Emsworth – Forum Moderator

Hello, I am Natasha/Natalie Emsworth. I joined this server not long after it started up, though lately I have been very hit and miss with my playing on it. I mostly run things on the forums, such as accepting applications. I’ve enjoyed my time on the server a good bit, at the beginning I was on for around 16 or so hours a day for many months. Overtime I have become kind of a recluse and depression has set in but I still pop in now and then on various chars/behind the scenes work.

Forum Name: Natasha Emsworth

Steam: You’ll have to ask, I don’t normally just add anyone.

Characters: Natasha/Natalie Emsworth, Sirena Raindancer, Rachel Valinor, and a few others.