General Rules


When playing on the server, you’ll need to abide by a set of special rules that are tailored to enhance everyone’s RP experience, as well as fairly standard rules or guidelines that you might find on any other multiplayer server.

Joining for the first time, and general RP conduct

When first joining the server, you’ll want to immediately beam down to our hubworld, where the majority of our playerbase will reside. Almost all of the RP in The Frontier takes place on our central hubworld, and all new players who join will be orbiting that planet.

Once you’ve beamed down to the planet, you’ll want to immediately switch your chat into planet chat. Switching to planet chat means that your messages will only be visible to those on the same world as you (in this case, the hubworld) and helps keep the chatbox free of clutter for those elsewhere or on their ships.
You can switch into planet chat by pressing the little icon of a galaxy in the bottom left of your chatbox, until it shows an Icon of a planet instead. If done correctly, your text should show up green, like this. If you’re still in universe, your text will be yellow/orange instead.

If you’re reading the chatbox, you may notice that sometimes people write statements inside double-brackets, like this: (( Example ))
This means that statement was OOC (Out-Of-Character) and does not relate to the RP (Roleplay) situation. You should only respond to these statements with your own OOC statements, and your character itself should not react to them. Remember while on the server that you are playing from your character’s perspective, and anything said within brackets is information your character does not have access to.

Sometimes, you may also find people are doing things like firing guns or swinging melee weapons. All actions carried out by other players are to be ignored unless they are denoted through text contained within asterisks, such as this: *Goldwind attempts to punch the criminal in his face*
This brings up another key point regarding actions, all actions that involve another player need to be stated as an attempt, to allow the other person to react to them.

RP related rules, and banned practices

1.) Do not metagame. When IC (In-character) your character can only know about events that they have experienced. For example; just because you can see the chat of two people in the building over from you, your character cannot hear it, and thus you must roleplay as if you do not know that information. Additionally, if you’re in a combat situation, you can not call others to help you out without your character doing a related action such as using a radio (which can be interrupted or stopped.)

2.) ERP (Erotic roleplay) is banned on the server. We do not want to become somewhere known as a haven for lewd practices, and you will receive a warning if found to be taking part in it. Public ERP is viewed even more strictly, and you could be kicked or temporarily banned for repeat offenses.

3.) Powergaming is heavily discouraged and will earn you a bad reputation. If you plan on taking part in RP combat, read the RP combat rules and guidelines. If you are not considerate with your actions towards other players, encounters could be voided completely, and you may be subject to a temporary ban if it continues.

4.) NLR (New-Life rule.) is enforced on the server. When you die, (as a result of an RP situation such as combat) you can be cloned and brought back to life again. However, you must wait at least 24 hours before returning on the deceased character, to prevent people constantly getting into fights. You can, however, return on another character instead. Characters have no memory of the hour before they were killed.

5.) RP’ing sensitive situations is strictly forbidden. Anyone found to be roleplaying situations such as sexual harassment, rape, slavery, pedophilia, or any related subject could be banned without warning. I take this rule very seriously, there is no way to accidentally breach it and there is no reason for those kinds of situations to arise.

6.) In an effort to maintain balance, any character with an unusual ability, race, weapon or augment will need to make an application for it on the forums. If you wish to make one, post your application in the “Posted applications” sub-forum of the “Abilities & Augments Applications” section on our forums, but be sure to read the “Posting an Application” guidelines.
Having an Assault Rifle will not need an application. However, having a Plasma Assault Rifle will. Having a prosthetic arm does not need an app, but having flamethrowers mounted on a prosthetic arm will need an app. Take that into consideration when creating a character. More information can be round in the relevant section on the website.

7.) Magic is forbidden on the server. We remain strictly science-fiction, and any magic-related abilities will need to be explained with science. More about this can be found in the “Posting an Application” guidelines in the “Posted Applications” Sub-forum.

8.) Be considerate to others. Sometimes, people will be RP’ing an important situation or event, and may not want others to intrude. If you join into an RP that’s been ongoing for a while with the intent to change or “derail” the situation, you could be asked to change your actions, leave, or your actions may be voided. On the flip-side, players should always try to include people in their RP situations. If someone is “intruding” on a situation, you should attempt to find a way to introduce them, or politely ask them to change their actions or leave instead of being rude and yelling at them to go away.

9.) The only time you are not allowed to void is when you are voiding for the sole reason of not liking the outcome of an action. You made your action and if it turned out badly for you, that is on you. This kind of void will only be allowed if ALL PLAYERS involved consent to it.

General Rules

1.) Do not spam weapons or drawables. This causes unneeded strain on the server and can cause a crash. As player numbers increase, this rule will be more heavily enforced.

2.) Drawables are allowed, but please be considerate of other players. No lewd images, or inappropriately sized or loud drawables. If someone asks you to stop using/firing one, listen to them. If your modded items cause a large strain on the server you can and will be asked to stop using them, and continuing to do so can result in a kick or a ban.

3.) Please be polite and courteous to everyone on the server, from new player right up to staff members. Being rude or disrespectful could result in being kicked or banned, and if an admin or moderator tells you to do something – do it. If you suspect a member of staff to be abusing their power, you are to contact me via a PM on the forums or through steam (TheWalrusNet) so that I can look into it, do not be confrontational about it.

4.) Do not go exploring off world. This is an RP server, not meant for survival or for progression. Exploring new worlds creates strain on the server.

5.) Have fun! If you need any help learning the ropes you can contact me via PM on the forums (Goldwind) or on steam (TheWalrusNet). I’m happy to help anyone get familiar with RP in general, as long as you’re willing to be polite and follow our rules.