Applications are a method our server uses to have a control over the general power of the individual in The Frontier. They are a vital process that keeps people from deciding they have an invincible suit of armour, or a fully-automatic rocket launcher, but still lets us allow people to have the freedom to create their own unique equipment for their character that is fully personalised, rather than having to take from a standard list.

What needs an Application?

Not everything on the server needs an application. We have a large and ever-growing list of “standard” techs and equipment that do not need an application. Anything from the “Unrestricted techs” list on the site is free to use by anyone, immediately upon joining the server.

In addition to this, as long as a piece of equipment you have is unremarkable (Such as a durasteel sword, or a suit of durasteel armour for instance) doesn’t need an application, as long as the materials used come from the non-restricted list also found on the website.

Anything from the “Restricted techs” list, or using materials from the “Restricted materials” list will require an application, and sometimes IC acquisition.

What’s IC Acquisition?

Certain materials, and branches of technology, must be acquired In-Character on the server, from a vendor character. This is in place to keep the absolute top-tier tech at a rarity, as it should be in our lore, and encourage people to make connections through RP in order to maintain access to the materials they need to make or maintain their equipment. Below is a list of current vendors for all restricted materials.

  • Pulsar, or a member of Paragon Logistics LTD
  • Vexyll, or a member of Aurora Co.
  • Uly Kajiya
  • Government officials of any Empire
  • Miu
  • Goldwind

How do I post an Application, and where?

To start, you’ll need an account on our forums, which can be accessed via the link on the navigation bar on our site. Once signed up and logged in, navigate to our Applications section, by scrolling to the bottom of the page (See below)


Post your application in the “Posted Applications” section (The top-most) and you’re done! Our admins will take a look at it and make sure it’s balanced, fair, and that you have confirmation of the acquisition of any materials you needed to get IC. Be sure to check back on the application regularly, if there is an issue that we may need to resolve, it will be moved to the “Pending Applications” section. Once all issues are resolved, it will either be moved to Accepted or Denied.

You cannot use the equipment you’re applying for unless it has been moved to the Accepted section. Applications may be moved to denied if they are deemed unfair or the materials used have no proof of acquisition should they require it.

What should I put in the Application?

Before we even go into the specifics of what should be contained in an application, it’s important you’re considerate of your layout as you type it up. Obviously since not everyone is a native english speaker, we don’t expect perfect grammar and punctuation. But please remember that it’s a mammoth task to read through all the applications posted on the forums, and it helps us a lot if your apps are easy to read and understand. Applications that are easy on the eyes will always be much more likely to be accepted, as it’s easier for us as admins to pick over it and extrapolate important details to decide if an app is well thought-out.

There are three important things to remember when laying out your app:

  • Paragraph structure: Walls of text are difficult on the eyes, and details are easily skimmed over. Try to split your post in to paragraphs where appropriate.
  • Spelling & Grammar: While we don’t expect masterpieces, using proper spelling and grammar will get your point across much better, and help prevent misunderstandings.
  • Highlight important details: If something in your app is very important, highlight it with color, or underline it. This’ll make it stand out to those reviewing.


Before starting to write your app, sit down and think about some important details first. There are key points that you’ll need to cover, and you could be asked to elaborate further if you miss one of them out. Ask yourself these questions when thinking about your application:

Can it be explained scientifically?

As you’ll know from the basic rules post, magic is not allowed on the server. Before even conceptualizing an idea for your character, you will need to be sure you can explain it with science. You don’t need to be a physics professor to come up with an app, if you’re scientific reasoning is convincing enough, it doesn’t need to be 100% correct, but applications that either cannot be explained at all, or that have completely incorrect explanations, will be denied.

What are the strengths of my application?

When you write your application, it’s important that you list the strengths that your character will gain as of owning it. If your bionic eye gives you extremely enhanced perception, you need to tell us that, and make it stand out. Be specific, if you’re applying for a rifle, you need to state what Caliber it is, it’s rate of fire, and it’s ammunition capacity.

What are the weaknesses of my application?

You’ll need to go into as much detail with the weaknesses of your application as you will with the strengths. Apps should not give you a clear-cut advantage over everyone else, and should be fair and balanced. Applications with fair weaknesses are far more likely to be accepted. For example, the bionic eye that enhances perception could be susceptible to EMP attacks or short-circuits, or even be hacked by another player. Think of weaknesses that best suit your app that balance out it’s strengths.