New Player’s Guide

New Players Guide!

So, if you’re new to RP in general, new to Starbound RP or even just new to the server, things can be pretty overwhelming when you first join. I decided it was best to set up a guide for new players, to help people get on their feet when they start out. Even if you aren’t a new player, giving this a read might help to clear some ambiguity up or brush up on a few of your skills.

This’ll be a step-by-step guide of what to do when joining the server and what to take into account. Obviously you don’t have to follow this to a tee, but it should (hopefully) be full of some helpful advice to get you started.

Step 1: Read the Rules

The very first thing you should do before joining the server is read the rules. If you have time, it also helps to read over all the posts in the advanced rules and additional information sections too. Having a full and clear understanding of our various rules is vital for getting the most out of our server and making sure you’re not treading on anyone else’s toes unknowingly. This guide will go over most of the additional information in short, but posts there will target specific rules in more depth if you need more help.

Step 2: Read the Lore

This is an important step that a lot of new players skip out. When you create your first character, you want to be sure that their lore lines up with the server’s lore. Be aware that our lore is drastically different to that of vanilla Starbound’s in-game lore. There’s only a few major pages that need skim-reading over, and you’ll have a much better idea of what you can utilize to create an engaging character backstory.

It’s important to note that just because something isn’t mentioned in our lore but is in vanilla Starbound – does not mean it is canon. We’re constantly writing and updating lore, but that takes time, and some stuff may not have made it into our official sections yet. If you want to include something in your character’s lore but are unsure if it fits in the server – contact an admin beforehand to ask. It won’t trouble them, and it’s much better than having to make edits in the future.

Step 3: Create your character!

Once you’ve an Idea of the lore, and you fully understand the rules, it’s time to think up an interesting idea for a character! There are some important things to consider when creating your character – especially your first, so I’ll go over them below.

  • Start small; creating your first RP character for a new environment can be daunting, even if you’re seasoned to this kind of environment. It’s often much better – and I personally recommend it – to try not to get too ambitious with your first character. Think of simple traits, and a backstory that is not too involved with the universe and its events. That’s not to say your backstory shouldn’t be interesting and engaging, but a simple character will often help you to get a much better feel for the lore and the current goings-on in a server before you move on to creating much more complex characters with significant sway in the universe.
  • Think about your character’s equipment. For a starter character, until you’ve explored and witnessed the nuances of RP combat, it’s best to pick out basic equipment for your character to have. Take into account that some materials and equipment are restricted, the nature of these restrictions can be viewed in the Applications guidelines in our rules sections. For your first character, it’s often best to go with simple melee weapons or ballistic weapons such as guns, or even better – create a character with little to no focus on combat until you’ve got some more experience.
  • Get a basic overview of your backstory written up, and all of your characters notable traits or skills. This helps you focus on what your character knows and doesn’t, and directs how you play the character in certain situations. Nobody likes to see others pull skills out of nowhere when the need comes up, such as a sudden mastery of lockpicking or hacking as soon as a locked door appears. If you write down all the skills your character has before you begin, you’ll know when to say “I can’t do that” or “Hey, actually, I know how to help out.”
  • Get some second opinions! Ask your friends or other players if they like your idea for a character, or if they think it’ll fit in on the server well. You can always send it to an admin for them to take a look at and give a second opinion too, and if you need any help with it or would like advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our staff are always happy to help.

Remember, a character on this server is unlike a character in a book. You are not the main character – nobody is, so let the story flow and don’t try to force events. You’re not creating a character to win either, so bear in mind they do not always need to be victorious in every fight, or have the best equipment around.

Step 4: Jump in!

You’re ready to jump into the server! But first, there are some key basic points you need to be aware of.

Immediately upon joining the server, you’ll be orbiting our hub planet – where our entire core RP takes place. Travelling to other planets is permitted, but make sure you beam down and grab access to the teleporter so you can get back to the hub. Building on other planets is permitted, but the universe is wiped frequently, so don’t get attached to your builds.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is switch into Planet Chat. By default, Starbound’s chat system is set to “Galaxy Chat” which means everything you say is broadcasted to the entire server. Switching to Planet Chat means that your messages will only be sent to those on the planet you’re currently on, I.E the Hub.

By default, Starbound’s chat box looks like this, and your messages will be in yellow:


If you click the little symbol of the galaxy in the bottom left, your chat window will switch to planet chat, and look like this:


If your messages are in green, then you’re in the right chat!

Tips: The types of messages.

Now that you’re in the right chat, and you’re on the hub, you’re undoubtedly going to be seeing three types of message crop up in the chat.
First, some people may be putting brackets around their text, like this: ((Example)) or [[Example]] or << Example >>

These messages are OOC, or Out-Of-Character. This means these messages are being said by the player controlling the character, and not by the character itself. They should not be reacted to via an IC message. An example of an OOC message might be (( Hi Goldwind! How’s progress on writing up that new lore going? ))

The most common messages you will see is standard text, within no symbols. This is IC speech directly from the character, and shouldn’t be reacted to IC unless you’re in a sensible situation to (such as in the same room, or close by outside)

Aside from these two, you may also see text displayed in stars, such as this: *Example.* this is either an action or additional information relating to an IC statement, and will be the main message used during RP combat. An example of this is: *Goldwind picked up the glass from the table, he’d hold it carefully as to not drop it*

Tips: RP Combat

RP Combat is performed in turns. Each turn accounts for about 6 seconds in real-time, and is written as an action. During combat, a player will write out an action, then the next player will decide how their character reacts to it and provide a counter action if it is sensible to do so. RP Combat operates entirely without a standardized value system and for this reason it is important all participants are fair. In advanced rules, there is a detailed explanation of RP combat and it’s nuances, and I strongly suggest you read over that and witness some in-game before attempting to participate in it.

If RP combat seems a little daunting at first, you can always ask an admin for help or for some examples. Practice makes perfect, and if you’re new to RP combat explain that to who are involved and they will be lenient with you and let you take your time deciding your actions and reactions.

Server Info!

Now that you’ve (hopefully) read through all of this, below you’ll find the server information.


Port: 21025

Username: frontier

Password: Contact an Admin to find out the password!

Tips: FAQ

1.What year is it in game?


2.How quickly does time progress in-game?

Real time. The current date and time is taken from real-world date and time, GMT timezone.

3.When was Earth destroyed?

See the Timeline in the Lore section. 3080 is when Earth was destroyed.

4. Can I play a character with magical abilities?

No, magic is not allowed on the server, as it doesn’t fit in with the universe we have created.

5. Someone asked me to “Roll” for something, what does this mean?

Sometimes players may have difficulty deciding what happens to their character after an action. They may ask another party to roll a dice, and the number rolled will decide from a list of outcomes they are undecided between. Rolling is simply an alternate to deciding your own actions or reactions, and is not enforced as something you have to do.

6. Someone fired their gun in-game, should I react to that IC?

All actions are considered OOC (including movement) unless accompanied by an action, denoted in stars such as this: *action*

7. Can I use mods on the server?

Only clientside mods. Any other mods will not work on multiplayer.

8. Can I come as a custom race?

No, you’ll need to make an application on the forums to be a custom race. Check out our overview on Applications in the rules section to find out more.