Character Showcase 8 – Smokey


Smokey Johansunsun

He was a good boy for the most part, always helping out at the farm, taking care of the Fluffalo, that kind of thing. Sure, he’d accidentally crash the tractor into the odd building every so often, but he always tried his best, and made sure to clean himself whenever the fancy folk rolled by the farm.

But one day as he was out ranching the fluffalo, this giant machine came from the sky, and from out of it came another Novakid. He asked for directions to the nearest town, Smokey just pointed to the hill over yonder and remained silent, terrified of this Nova who came quite literally from the heavens. The Nova tried to reassure him, but quickly gave up and wondered off.

That just left Smokey with this… thing. It looked kinda like a tractor, but you could walk inside it. Curiosity getting the better of him, he walked in, and did what any reasonable person would do; mash buttons. He didn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t the ship turning upright and launching off of the planet. Struggling to get control of the sky tractor, he kept pressing the circle things on one of the screens and realised things weren’t working when he heard engines in the back start making this weird revving noise, and the stars started going all whooshy.

Soon after, he ended up in the orbit of Vethus-2. Needless to say, his landing was not all that elegant.

After crash landing on the planet, he wondered into a nearby town, and discovered the people of the frontier. With the place having more guns than people, Smokey realised that he would need to adapt in order to survive a wild place like this. So he made a farm.

Since then, he’s had a few misadventures, such as;

• Causing an Orbital Bombing scare
• Being thrown a coffee pot with a live grenade in it
• Befriending a penguin who turned out to be the local arms dealer
• Brewing Holy Ethanol to ward off the undead
• Driving a combine harvester cross country
• Catered for a wedding
• Getting an exosuit that shoots potatoes at people
• Ringing church bells very loudly

And much, much more.

Now, through reasons beyond his own understanding, Smokey has been democratically elected Mayor of the frontier. With a mission to make the the bombed planet green again and to have the economy not solely based on bounties, he strives to make it a more welcoming place than ever before.