Character Showcase 7 – Cojette

cojette2Cojette D’Arque

Cojette D’Arque is a cheery Floran you’ll often find around town. She’s quick with a joke and to strike up a conversation with anyone she hasn’t met. She is the head of the town’s hospital and the galactic champion of the game Dancebound.
Born into a Floran tribe on the distant planet of Cortala, Cojette lived out her early childhood in her village along with her sister Amethyst. However, any opportunity for a normal upbringing was destroyed when U.S.C.M. forces attacked her village when she was four years old. Most of the tribe was slaughtered, but Cojette, her sister, and a handful of other 4yxvc3eyoung Florans were captured to serve as test subjects.

For the next two years, they were subjected to countless experiments focused on altering their anatomy. Eventually Cojette was captured by slavers who raided the bunker she was in, and in turn the slavers were attacked by a spacefaring human couple who rescued the two sisters, the sole survivors of their village. James and Madeline D’Arque would adopt Cojette and Amethyst and raise them as their own.

The sisters would grow up with the D’Arques, attend university, and eventually strike out on their own. They had countless adventures together, from ludicrous treasure hunts to Cojette’s rise to galactic champion of Dancebound. After getting on the wrong side of a particularly dangerous gang, Amethyst left Cojette without a word to draw the gang’s attention away from her and her parents. Distraught, Cojette set out to find her anyway. She tracked her for months and months, along the way getting her signature Symbiote Alphonse stuck to her head. After the trail went cold on Vethus-2, Cojette came to the Frontier, and she’s been there ever since.