Character Showcase 6 – Icarus Flareshield


Icarus Flareshield

A bright(sometimes stupid), hyper and cheerful Novakid who’s quick to the decision and a deadly shot.

He has somewhat acute anger issues but when did that ever stop anyone from having fun?! He’s a fun Lad to always have around and also a god of a drinker, When serious times call for serious measures though Icarus is straight into the job and will aim vigorously to get his aims done. Icarus is 26 currently and is married to Linn Windhollow (Now known as Linn Flareshield) Living on his high class ship.

Icarus has been on the Frontier for about 2 years and has bled, even died, for the frontier as he has made many friends and enemies at the frontier. Icarus carries around his signature .50 AE heavily modified desert eagle in which he uses the most to dispatch hostilities.

Icarus was born on June the 17th 3162 and lived a good life with his parents until the faithful day that his planet was sacked by a tyrant named Ephrion, father killed and him and his mother taken into captivity. It was a few years until his mother was abused and killed by a guard and Icarus c1nfwupwas taken into custody due to lashing out at the guard because of his jump the gun nature. he was tortured and thrown into Isolation for a few years before being rescued by an unknown person who he found later to be his child-hood friend, Jay, and apparent lover. He escaped and was later taken to a rebel establishment in which he stayed for a few months and made preparations to leave the planet.

But, before he could do so the rebel FOB was stormed by Ephrion’s troopers in land carriers and snipers. Icarus luckily escaped barely with his life, Jay unfortunately losing hers … and traveled the universe finding the work with a crew called Six round lawless who had recently had a member retire from work. With this crew Icarus and them stumbled upon the frontier in which Icarus found a new life of adventure and mystery. when Icarus first arrived he thought the frontier as a weird and wonderful place and now he strives to make friends, drink beer and kick ass !