Character Showcase 5 – Overlord Dragcun

Overlord Dragcun

Overlord Dragcun was originally just a standard Glitch on a far off planet. His home planet was mostly volcanic but oddly enough did have some area where green grass and trees grew, as such the Glitch City and castle was in need of constant repair so when Dragcun was built he was constructed to be unusually large and strong so he could aid in lumber and quarry work.

For years he did as programmed and commanded by the Hivemind until a latent bug in his programming kicked in and severed his link to the Hivemind. Suddenly finding himself free he went to the people he knew to see if they could explain what had happened to him, unfortunately on his planet, free Glitch were almost unheard of as they were quickly captured and thrown into the nearby lava pits. Dragcun narrowly escaped this fate himself and was luckily able to signal a travelling merchant ship that traded with his people and escape to freedom. it was on this ship Dragcun met another free Glitch named Tegura who he would later call his ‘brother’, and later still his worst enemy.

The merchant ships next destination was Earth, there Dragcun and Tegura spent a little over a hundred years studying Earth culture and Overlord Dragcun.2_zpspnf7f1vuhistory. It was here Dragcun found the plans for what he later dubbed his Overlord Servo Motors that increased his already formidable strength, and Tegura found plans for a plasma generator for himself. It was near the end of their stay that Dragcun found an ancient book the humans claimed they found on another planet, Dragcun was able to decipher one line of the text, it read, “The key to the Hivemind can be found among the crowns of the Glitch Kings.” After this they left shortly before the destruction of Earth, both vowing they would fight for all eternity to ensure their people would be free to do as they pleased instead of being enslaved to the will of the Hivemind.

Before leaving Earth Dragcun found his and Tegura’s ship filled with various items he knew was valuable to the humans, when he asked about them Tegura told him they had been gifted to them for safe keeping. It wasn’t until years later Dragcun found out Tegura had lied and he had stolen all of them, but with no Earth to return them to Dragcun kept them vowing to hand them over to humans he knew would protect the legacy of Earth.

Years later, Dragcun found Tegura acting odder and odder, growing more distant from him and the other races with each passing year. Dragcun never knew what his ‘Brother’ had planned until later. Dragcun had been scouting out a Glitch castle on his own and was discovered and once again nearly killed by the Glitch of this castle, he would have died if not for a small human girl named Kathrine who had found him, battered and torn, leaning against a tree and called for help. After being repaired and cared for Dragcun called Tegura to aid him in attacking the castle, Dragcun from the front and Tegura from the back. The attack went off without a hitch but when Dragcun reached the Kings chamber he found the king already slain but no sign of Tegura. Worried Dragcun searched the castle but found no sign of him, he headed back to the human village intent on giving the castle to them and hopefully finding Tegura, only to find the Village was on fire, as he searched the area Dragcun saw signs of plasma burns on the buildings and bodies of the people, he finally found Tegura, standing over the bodies of Katherine and her family, Tegura’s hands alight with plamsa. Dragcun flew into a rage and fought with Tegura, ending the ‘brotherhood’ they had shared for over a hundred years.

Overlord Dragcun.3_zpsvvez0v7nGoing into a self exile after this Dragcun flew across the galaxy at random attacking any Glitch castle he found. Over this time the Glitch High Council declared Dragcun to be a Doomlord, upon hearing this Dragcun decided he would indeed become a Doomlord like the High Council feared, but he would also become more, he would become an Overlord. And so Overlord Dragcun was born. He became more active in his attacks upon the Glitch and had even begun hiring Mercenaries to aid him in his attacks and search. It was hear he met his later friend Glipper and learned of the planet Frontier, and of a brilliant human named Vex who could help Dragcun acquire a new body as his was starting to fall apart despite his best efforts to maintain it.

After traveling to there and finding he enjoyed the people of Frontier he decided to stay around for a time and get new info on the Glitch. It was also on Frontier Dragcun found out about the Order of the Ebon Hammer, a group of knights who fought for the good of others. He was especially impressed by the leader of these knights, a human by the name of Sir Wyrmerus. Dragcun made plans of his own Knighthood to aid him in his quest but later decided to scrap the idea as it was un-needed.

After the Death of Sir Wyrm in the Avos Wars Dragcun was dismayed to see what he saw as the Knights of Ebon Hammer begin to fall and risk the lives of those they once protected. When he accused the knights of this he was declared a Heretic by them, with this Dragcun reforged his old plans for a Knighthood and founded the Order of the Evening Stars. He requested another friend of his, Mrs. Bartender, to help him build and lead one section of his knights known as the Order of the Black Star. After many trials Dragcun and Mrs. Bartender were able to activate the legion of the Black Star, the primary robot army for the Evening Stars. With its activation they both realised on issue they had missed, they didn’t have the space to support an entire army on their few ships they owned. So both went over the space charts Dragcun had and visited multiple planets that had old Glitch castles Dragcun had raided, picking up many Glitch and other races who wished to join them, they finally settled on a lush planet primarily covered in large forests and founded the new Empire of the Evening Stars. So far Dragcun has remained the leader of this new Empire and with recent events has become more and more worried with the state of the galaxy, and if he can even think of continuing his quest when he has a Empire to run, people to protect, and as far as he is concerned worse of all, the resurgence of his hated enemy Tegura on Frontier.