Character Showcase 4 – Chief Bison


Chief Baishunpu “Bison” Seieki

Chief Baishunpu, also known as Chief Bison, is the Frontiers current head of Police in charge of keeping people as alive as possible. He is a Freshwater Hylotl, and a particularly fit one at that. Strong for his barely over six foot frame. This has helped him immensely when dealing with the neer do wells of the Frontier, and in his past duties as a Police Officer.

Before he was Chief Bison, and even before getting the nickname Bison, Baishunpu grew up on one of the largest worlds that the Hylotl had to offer, the Megatropolis of Caesaria. The City of Caesaria spanned the entire planet, so while law was ever present, there were far too many ways to skirt around it. In his youth, Baishunpu found most of these very ways and used them to perform various illicit acts for his own gain. At age 14 he started running with a gang called the Barracudas, a ruthless crime organization that ran the mean streets of some sixteenth or so of the massive city. Baishunpu ran with them for 2 years, until gang related violence and a nasty turf war caused him to murder his own brother and be sent to jail. At age 16 his conviction came through and he was sent to jail.

Caesarian justice was an odd beast, not prone to throwing people in jail for years on end but rather “Rehabilitating” them through military service. The worse the crime, the more tours of duty required of the convict. For his crimes Baishunpu was mandated 2 tours of duty, the first of which set him solidly on the front lines against the Floran scourge. This not only earned him his nickname of “Bison”, but also instilled a powerful hatred of Florans. Through his surprising valor in the line of duty during his first tour of duty, the newly christened Bison was sent to a security team. A much more luxurious job with higher pay, but far greater consequences should he fail. Through his second tour of duty, only once did he and his team fail in their objective, something that cost one of Caesarias Prime district leaders his life at the hands of a rival Hylotl clan.zdZCQGi

After getting out of the Army, the officially rehabilitated First Lieutenant Bison was a free man and his background was cleared. His military service gave him new perspective on life, as brushes with Floran induced death usually do. So, he joined the Police Force he once so fully skirted around. There he worked for 15 years, catching criminals but never really rising in the ranks until 10 years in when he was finally made detective. It was at this point that he was given his first major case. The Mafia. The Mafia had come to Caesaria and it was his job to catch them in the act. For 5 years he and the Mafia went toe to toe, him never quite getting enough for a good conviction to stick to them. Through this intense rivalry, the Mafia grew to recognize him as a good cop at the very least, so when they took over the Frontier, who better to contact to be apart of the force?

So here we are, about 3 months and 5 deaths into his stint with the Frontier Police Department, easily his worst death count so far in his career. Luckily he’s gotten to meet a lot of great new people! And far more horrible people that he hates. Win some lose some.