Character showcase 3 – Oleander

General OleanderOleander

Oleander is a seven-hundred and nine year old Novakid, being birthed from a star and thrown into the galaxy we know now.

She keeps a rather short stature, with a quite worn-out jacket always worn nice and snug.

With her old age, Oleander is a phenomenal pilot, and has gone through many many adventures in her time. She runs a small business of her own, shipping illegal goods here and there through space.

Six-hundred years ago, she started out on her own in her young age, shipping drugs from Earth to human outposts and the like, generally being trusted to get your product there one way or another. Skipping to only three-hundred years ago, Oleander got the idea to form her own group of Novakid pilots, teaching each and every one of them the basics, and the
advanced methods of properly flying, be it for battle, or simple smuggling routes and programming your own FTL tumblr_o3argnZxPG1rjei10o1_1280routes. She called it ‘Eudicot’, and became the General of this group for over two-hundred years. After becoming somewhat popular, and making a name out there, her group went onto more dangerous battles, escorting dangerous cargo, and assisting in full blown system wars.

This didn’t go well for her crew, as on one particular mission to assist a war between some Glitch in the Titanite System sent half of them crashing and burning to the planets below. With her whole crew devastated, they wanted to at the very least complete the mission, brands heavy with grief as they had not lost any pilots before. Needless to say, only Oleander made it out that night, nearly crash landing into a station before repairing her ship. After a few months of solitude, Oleander went back to smuggling alone, eventually happening upon the Frontier.

KMak60GMeeting the walking tank that is Goldwind, Oleander saw a potential friendship with him, engaging in many shenanigan type deals to throw people off, and in general cause trouble. This created friends and foes all around, mostly foes, as the two went from throwing mints to full-blown killing and eating humans for sport, throughout this, she grew to love him. Soon enough however, they did get in trouble, and settled off of it for a while, eventually getting married. In one event of avoiding trouble, she got her leg blown off. Oleander being a Novakid assumed this was nothing big, and that her leg would grow back eventually. But it didn’t.

Oleander now has a prosthetic leg, that’s actually a shotgun. And a knife. Her and her husband continue their shenanigans and work together on their shipping of drugs and other mysterious items throughout the galaxy.