Character Showcase 2 – Amanita



Originating from a Floran tribe on the Hylotl homeworld, Amanita began life rather inquisitive of his surroundings and environment. The old Hylotl ruins especially interested him, and though they were considered to be off-limits he snuck off often to explore the derelict structures and steal what objects he could. While he still kept to his responsibilities within the clan, he taught himself to read Hylotl with the books he took, and while his elders often warned against the supposed evil spirits brought about by Hylotl artifacts Amanita kept his hidden away.

Within the tribe, Amanita was to be a scout. Light and nimble, he showed almost expert use with the bow from an early age. While he was too young to ever be sent against the Hylotl soldiers who came through on occasion, Amanita was sent against various creatures from the Hylotl environment to pass initiation rites. He was expected to become a useful member of the tribe.

Unfortunately for him, Amanita’s father found his hidden stash. With the discovery almost came death, as Amanita’s father blamed him for bringing evil into the tribe and attempted to sacrifice him. Amanita escaped only after killing his father with repeated blows to the head, after which he hastily fled with a few of his belongings at the age of ten. Sneaking into a Hylotl military base and hiding on a transport ship, the Floran was then dragged off to a port world where he spent the rest of his adolescence.

It was there Amanita began to learn extensively. He learned to read Common, then about the classics. He learned further about architecture and discovered his love for it. Most defining for him, however, was learning what it meant to be a Floran in civ space. While he spent what money he had on good clothes and remained in the public library more often than not, Amanita was still often ostracized for being Floran. Constant verbal ridicule mixed with occasional beatings did not completely discourage the Floran, however. The librarian (a nivakid named Alexander) helped, during this time, keep Amanita on track with his goals. Unfortunately, he could not protect him forever.NhfyOSb

As Amanita approached eighteen, he found his hundreds of applications to multiple universities were denied without recourse. Some said his test scores weren’t up to par (even though he nearly scored perfectly on all of them), others said he hadn’t had any official schooling, while some outright said they wouldn’t let a Floran in. Finally, at nineteen with nowhere else to turn to, Amanita finally approached a multiracial group of bounty hunters who offered him a low-paying job. Finding he was rather good at it, he continued to work as a bounty hunter (albeit rather unhappily).


Today, Amanita is a rather successful bounty hunter and mercenary. Delving deeply into his work, he has a multiracial crew and a ship that took him a decade to build from the ground up.

He has long since lost any reservations about killing or maiming and has embraced hunting. He has been spending a great deal of time on the Frontier due to how lucrative it is, and while he won’t take every job there’s very little he’s unwilling to do. While he still has some rather strong beliefs about bigotry and genocide, he is not often found to care all too much about a kill or capture. If someone wants to meet him, the best way is to put out a bounty.