Character Showcase 1 – Goldwind


RCPM Unit 213, Designation: Goldwind

Goldwind is a security robot, originating from Earth in the late 21st century. Despite looking like a Glitch, he shares almost no similarities with them, developed by humans as a multi-purpose robotic servant long before their ascent into the stars.

RCPM Units took many functions on Earth at the time. Civilian models served in the home as butlers and home security bots, while Military grade units served in armies, protected VIP’s and functioned as police peacekeeping units. Goldwind was the latter of the two, an experimental variant of the Military grade unit manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, intended to protect the president of the United States.

Before his posting as a protection robot, Goldwind served for several years in the military as a test of his abilities. In no circumstance was it deemed that he would be anything but the most valuable member of the secret service, and he was moved to be at the President’s side at all times.

By the late 2100’s, the USA had become unstable. RCPM units had been deployed to a lot of police forces, and dissent was on the rise. On one fateful day, an organised and calculated attempt on the President’s life was made, and it tragically succeeded. Goldwind’s ability as a secret service agent was questioned, and within a month he was boxed up and stored in a warehouse, as his model of RCPM unit were phased out across the nation. It was in this warehouse that he exceeded his operational service life, and with his memory full – was no longer able to record what happened to him.Mm73Ni

A thousand years passed, and Goldwind was found, repaired and reactivated. In 3187, millions of miles from his resting place in Los Angeles, CA, he was now on The Frontier. With no record of how he got there, and no way to save anything to memory, his programming was unable to comprehend the fact he was not on Earth, that it was gone, and that the United States were no more. Luckily, a resourceful human named Natasha discovered the source of the problem, installing new memory and teaching him about his new circumstances. She was Goldwind’s master until her disappearance, and without a master he was taken in by the town mechanic, Miu. She upgraded Goldwind with modern weaponry and armour, and repaired him whenever he was damaged.0zmzW9P

Miu vanished without a trace too, and Goldwind was left mainly to his own devices. He served in multiple roles in the up and coming town, until he came across a Novakid named Oleander. She was assigned his new Master, and they were involved in as many shenanigans as a death robot under the wing of an insane old Novakid would be, until a strange malicious entity in his code began to reveal itself.

Oleander investigated the ancient code, and through trial and error and removal of restrictions, discovered that the “malicious code” was actually experimental forays into the first test of Sentience within a robot created by humans. Deemed unstable, the code was placed under heavy restrictions, which over time through the two’s shenanigans had been deleted. Oleander removed the last of these restrictions, and with her help Goldwind eventually learned the meaning and use of his newfound feelings, eventually developing a personality.

The two are now happily married, conducting smuggling runs and other various nefarious deeds throughout the Galaxy and on The Frontier.