Charlotte Vickers

Charlotte is a very chill, helpful, caring and cheery girl who works at the local bar as a bartender. She loves hearing about other people’s stories, often sharing her own. She comes from a very big family and has five siblings: James, Brandon, Samara, Estelle and Tiffany, who at some point in the past, went their separate ways to get away from their abusive family. Charlotte is the oldest sister, being at age 25, then James being only 2 months younger than her. Next is Brandon at age 24, Estelle being 4 months younger than Brandon, Tiffany at 23 and Samara, again, younger than Tiffany by just 3 months.

Charlotte’s mother – Leila Vickers, was a very abusive person, being also a huge political figure in Galileo City. She wanted to force her sons and daughters to be active in politics in order to bring more profit and power to the family, often doing shady business or making propaganda, which is what Charlotte and siblings despised the most. Due to mother’s abusive behaviour, Estelle and Tiffany just vanished, Brandon and James went to USCM, with Samara, who sadly got shot and had to be signed out from the military, which led her to be locked up by family for 3 years before finally joining her sister Charlotte on Frontier.

The Vickers family remembers earth times, as they were on board one of the last shuttles before the fall of human homeworld. This escape couldn’t have been possible without Charlotte’s father- Alen Tranavac, Croatian army Sergeant who had connections within the army, allowing Vickers smooth escape from earth. They were frozen in stasis and transported to Civ-Space, beginning to fluorish in politics, mainly thanks to Leila Vickers.

At age of 18 Charlotte was sent to the Galileo City University, where she took a huge interest in researching plant-life, willing to become a botanist. When time was right, her father – Alen Tranavac, helped Charlotte get a job at New London’s Botanical Institute, which was located in the neighbooring system. This happened against her mother’s will, however Alen was able to convince her to let Charlotte do this as her “upcoming” political career was not endangered and it could allow Leila to use her daughter’s success for further gain of power and influence. In the institute Charlotte began working on a project – The Encyclopedia of Plantlife, which was a project that required her to go from planet to planet, observe and document flora for the encyclopedia. Project met with a huge success, which led Charlotte to be one of the main researchers at the institute, giving her huge boost in money and respect from both her family and co-workers. This helped Charlotte save up some money and buy herself a ship, but sadly under one demand made by her mother – being able to be tracked down wherever she went.

In addition to the project itself, Charlotte had another job – running a bar on the Lambda IV space stop, which allowed her to be fully independent from her family. She seemed to be rich, but it was actually far from truth as buying ship was such a big spending, that Charlotte had no money for some time to keep herself going. Even when having hard time, she never lost her trait – kindness, often giving money to charities and leaving herself only just enough money to survive.

After few years working on the project, on expedition to the Frontier space, Charlotte decided to cut contact with her parents and leave her family behind, despite being in danger of being followed. Insitute agreed to let Charlotte work remotely but she had to fill in report every week in order to stay on the project, which proven to be, somewhat difficult to her, being recently hired to be one of the bartenders at the Frontier’s bar – Sanctuary. However Charlotte knew she had to cope with it and the fact that space was lawless – made her feel somewhat comfortable that her parents may not follow her there. She hopes that after all siblings find each other someday, they can finally rest easy and never worry about their abusive past again. This partially happened, because Samara already met with her sister… but will others also return? That question remains a mystery.