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Welcome to The Frontier!5872KUg - Copy

We are a newbie friendly casual roleplay server for Starbound, a game by Chucklefish.

Any and all players are welcome to join our server, and we have a comprehensive and ever-growing list of lore that truly makes our world unique, unlike nothing you’ll find on any other Starbound RP server. No prior roleplay experience is needed, our friendly staff are always happy to teach a new player the ropes and help them through their first steps into the immersive and fascinating world of RP.

To join the server, read through our new players guide. At the end you’ll find our server information.


Here is an overview of the various sections of the site:


Pages on all the lore that’s unique to our server and universe.


An overview of all our rules, a must-read!

The Staff:

Get to know the members of our dedicated list of Staff.


A guide for all new players Joining the server!

Character Showcase:

View some examples of the most well-known characters on the server.


A link directly to our Forums, sign up here for discussion and access to our applications section (Covered in the Rules area).